Washington, D.C.

The Veterans Leadership Council D.C. Chapter (VLC D.C.) started in October 2017.  Our goals for 2018:

  • Grow our network in the Greater Washington, D.C. area to 300 members by March 2019
  • Facilitate an authentic environment that benefits veterans at all stages of their post-military career
  • Develop programming that is relevant to the veterans in our community

The VLC D.C. is still building its leadership team to hold interim roles until we conduct elections in March 2019.  If you're interested in filling an interim leadership role, please reach out to a member of the leadership team via LinkedIn or by email at dc@veteransleadershipcouncil.org.


Dan Biga, Co-Founder

Dan's LinkedIn


Caleb Royster, Co-Founder

Caleb's LinkedIn




LaTesha Ford, Director of Community Outreach

LaTesha's LinkedIn


Todd Sanders, Co-Communications Director

Todd's LinkedIn


Justine Whipple, Co-Communications Director

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Nils Mattsson

Nils Mattsson, Vice President of Programming

Nil's LinkedIn

Chris Williams

Chris Williams, Co-Vice President of Membership

Chris' LinkedIn


Sean Heravi

Sean Heravi, Co-Vice President of Membership

Sean's LinkedIn


TBD, Vice President Thought Leadership and Eminence

Get Involved!

The VLC D.C. creates a high collision environment for veterans, spouses, and supporters to come together and connect.  See you at our next event!

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