About Us

Founded in 2014, the Veterans Leadership Council (VLC) is the foremost professional network for the current generation of veteran leaders, with a mission to accomplish the following:

  • Establish, grow and maintain the premier network for veteran leaders in business and government.
  • Organize robust opportunities for veterans to connect, network, and advance professionally.
  • Provide a leadership voice for the current generation of veterans.
  • Advance the veteran community, with a focus on current issues (e.g., under-employment and retention).
  • Generate support from and actively guide the veteran discussion of corporate America, the government and other organizations eager to engage with veterans

Our Vision

To be the premier business network for veteran leaders.

Our Mission

Establish an authentic and relevant leadership voice for the current veteran community by creating locally thriving and nationally connected networks of military veterans who are leaders in business and government.

Through the realization of our vision, we are:

  • Driven by what is relevant, purposeful, and exciting to our members.
  • Changing the narrative around veterans from one of a population in need to a population that is an asset and in demand.
  • Serving as a distinctive partner for non-profits and non-veteran organizations seeking to engage veteran leaders.
  • Serving as a thought leader for professional opportunities, distinctive veteran services, and best practices.

Our Values

The Veterans Leadership Council strives to facilitate connectivity among veterans through the following values:


Focused on strengthening veteran professional networks – an identified social need but not a social service.


Inclusive but selective: a forum for veteran leaders.


Focused on the current veteran community.


Different by design – a new conversation, with new participants.

The VLC Ecosystem

The VLC has developed “high collision” environments that efficiently connect veterans with relevant stakeholders and resources.